PlayStation Fan Recreating Halo in Dreams for PS4

PlayStation Fan Recreating Halo in Dreams for PS4

PlayStation Fan

Console exclusives like the upcoming Halo Infinite can be the worst part of gaming for certain players, PlayStation Fan, as throwing hundreds of dollars at a new system before dropping another $60 for the game itself can be an expensive proposition. However, the PS4 exclusive Dreams might be exactly the tool that players need in order to bridge the gap between Microsoft and Sony produced titles that would otherwise be unplayable on opposing systems.

A popular Dreams creator has been recently posting their creations to Reddit, under the username /uDISARMEDPOST, with the latest project including photorealistic graphics that have fed into an incredible recreation of Halo. This is only the latest in incredible photorealistic levels created in Dreams, from dozens of players across the games as well as /uDISARMEDPOST’s previous lists of stellar creations.

Still, clearly the demo was enough to inspire someone to get creative, as an enterprising PlayStation user has been working on their own interpretation of Halo Infinite using Media Molecule’s Dreams. Explaining they’d been inspired by the recent Xbox showcase, Reddit user Disarmed uploaded a short clip of their progress so far, and the world they’ve created is almost painterly in style. Although there’s currently no action to speak of, the start screen and landscapes created by Disarmed are gorgeous, with lush green forests, sun beams, wispy clouds and a classic Halo ring in the distance. They’ve also created a UI and gun animation, and given Master Chief a deliberately slow walking pace.

VR compatible

Additionally, with Dreams recently becoming VR compatible, this means that Halo can now be played in VR, outside of the small, Oculus supported Halo Recruit. For now, there isn’t much to do with the experience, although a number of viewers commenting on the original Reddit thread are hopeful that a playable level may be possible when Dreams comes to PS5. Regardless, for users like /DISARMED POST to be able to recreate such an in-depth landscape and UI right now, is a testament to the limitless capabilities of Media Molecule’s latest game.

The award winning creativity behind Dreams has let players recreate some amazing worlds, from movie scenes, to scenic landscapes from the real world. So bringing a popular title like Halo onto PS4 through the imaginative system Media Molecule has created for players to bring their dreams to life almost feels like the logical next step for players. With players like /uDISARMEDPOST working to not only recreate iconic worlds and characters, but also create brand new scenes and concepts, Dreams is quickly showing itself to be a gamers’ dream devkit for bringing their own ideas to life.

Dreams is available now for PS4.

Source : Gamerant , Eurogamer 

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