PHASMOPHOBIA UPDATE ADDS SCARY, When it comes to scary your poop, it doesn’t get any more exciting than the terrifying hit of Kinetic games. Phasmophobia was released last summer, and Phasmophobia stunned its fans with its terrifying gameplay, and now it has a new feature.

In case you weren’t aware, Phasmophobia is trying to gather paranormal evidence using your investigation toolkit as you attempt to prove the existence of ghosts and spirits. It can be played in teams of four, and the online co-op has been praised for its unique and terrifying gameplay, PHASMOPHOBIA UPDATE ADDS SCARY, making the game a favorite over streaming sites like Twitch.

So what new feature has been introduced to phasmophobia? Well, now ghosts can follow you around corners, which means spooky-scoops are on the move! Ghosts following you into corners will not only make you feel less safe but also increase the chances of contaminating yourself. are you ready? Maybe not.

As Kinetic Games explained on Twitter, the ghost “will now walk to your last known location when you lost it while hunting. This means that the ghost will now follow you around the corners.” Yikes.

The same update also introduces some other bug fixes and quality-of-life changes, as well as a new accessibility option that will allow you to change the audio to mono. Pro difficulty (the higher difficulty mode in the game) has also seen a modification, where “you will no longer be notified if Ghost is responding to groups or if you are alone”. Things get even more difficult if you like to play at the pros!

You can check out all the changes present in Phasmophobia now, but expect more in the future! Kinetic Games have been praised for the number of times bug fixes and game updates are released, so we’re sure it’s only a matter of time before we see another new feature coming to Phasmophobia!

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