Path of Exile Echoes of Atlas Launches January 15 on PC, January 20

Path of Exile Echoes of Atlas Launches January 15 on PC, January 20

Path of Exile Echoes, Grinding Gear Games has announced a release date for the Path of Exile expansion echoes. As mentioned in the press release, the expansion will add new content to the final game, the new Challenge League, new skills, and a new boss – The Maven. If players kill three map bosses, the veteran will challenge players to fight these bosses once more. This mounts to ten heads at a time, followed by the veteran herself.

Players can also acquire new regional passive ability trees through Atlas, as well as rewards and content while exploring. New endgame rewards include three types of manufactured watch stones that allow players to upgrade their Atlas to improve rewards. They can be traded, never expired, and stacked (unlike regular watch stones).

Another endgame bonus is The Maven’s Orb. This randomly upgrades items using two or more effect modifiers – optimizing one and removing the other. This can be done even if it is upgraded to its highest level (to a new level). Other Items include 13 new unique items and Divination Cards.

The new challenging league is the Ritual League, where players fight against the altar of rituals and waves of monsters in the Ritual Circle. The more rituals complete, the better the rewards (and enemies).

Up to four Ritual Ships can be placed at the end of the game to summon more monsters, which means more rewards. Slaying monsters also earns the bonus, which can be spent to obtain items and rewards. Echoes of the Atlas will launch on January 15 on Windows and Mac computers, and January 20 on PlayStation 4 and Xbox One.

You can find official disclosure announcements and content below.

Additionally, content from Harvest and Heist expansions are brought to the base game with improvements. Path of Exile is available on Windows and Mac computers (via Steam), PlayStation 4, and Xbox One.

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