Overwatch Sigma’s Ultimate Got a Game-Breaking Bug

Overwatch Sigma’s Ultimate Got a Game-Breaking Bug

Overwatch Sigma’s Ultimate, The Sigma is an amazing Overwatch tank due to its combat versatility. It can engage enemies and defend allies effectively. To balance this, developers have given Sigma capabilities extended breaks. It is up to the player to wisely choose the best ability in a given situation.

Most recently, Blizzard released the Overwatch patch to seriously destroy some heroes. While some guys are busy figuring things out, others find something more interesting: a new bug in Sigma. Insect enables the hero to raise enemies outside his end radius. For now, Blizzard has not released an urgent fix for the issue.

Before we get into the bug itself, let’s take a quick look at his final report – Gravity Gravity. On the official website, let Sigma fly and raise enemies in a target area. After that, he can launch them into the sky before returning them to Earth.

If a good sigma player, can use it to create slots for their team or turn the tables. The Gravitic Flux has a maximum range of 35 meters while the impact area is seven meters in radius. If you run into Sigma multiple times, a discretionary AOE might know his demise during fights.

Redditor uploaded a video to show others the error, and they used Sigma to highlight the issue. First, they cast the ultimate Sigma game and aimed it around the D.Va. Test doll. Next, they moved the Radius Highlighter slightly southward to make their point. The clip definitely showed that the target is outside the Gravitic Flux. When the final ending was cast, the doll raised up in the air and returned to the ground as normal.

So, what’s the big problem with that? simple. Any excellent Sigma player can throw ability more conveniently. Overwatch Sigma’s Ultimate, Since the bug “broadens” the radius of the Gravitic Flux, they won’t have to throw it with precision to catch enemies. And don’t forget that the transmission time is only 0.7 seconds.

However, the players are divided on this issue. One Redditor said hitboxes might work like this in Overwatch. Another commented that the image may appear smaller than the actual results box. Well, the Sigma player sees things that happen in the first person. If the developers can test the result box with an aerial view, they can determine if there is a real bug. And when they do, expect a fix to appear soon.

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