Outworld Destroyer is getting huge buffs in Dota 2 update 7.28b

Outworld Destroyer is getting huge buffs in Dota 2 update 7.28b

Outworld Destroyer, With the Dota Pro Circuit League playoffs, mostly finished, Valve is cleaning up her game in anticipation of the season kicking off. Part of this work includes the release of update 7.28b. The patch brought changes to a long list of heroes and items, and while most of them were small, they should add up to a major shift.

Outworld Destroyer is the most affected hero. Although IQ Carry was among the consistently strong Dota 2 champions regardless of definition, the Outworld Destroyer took a heavy knock in the 7.28 initial update that left him with the lowest win rate of any heroin each level of ranked play. Valve addresses this with a series of boosters who will keep the new hero kit intact, but with more stats to keep him relevant before the game’s late stages.

Outworld Destroyer got a huge increase in its base stats, with more base armor, base move speed, and HP restoration. Its agility was also increased, giving it more armor and attack speed.

Astral Prison got broad power with better damage and increased mana theft. Sanity’s Eclipse’s base damage has also been increased, from 200 to 400 at the maximum level. Essence Flux has also had an increased chance of activation from 25% to 30%. Finally, Outworld Destroyer’s talents have also been improved with an improved Eclipse multiplier from Sanity level 20 and increased Arcane Orb damage from 1.6% to 2%.

Ideally, these will combine to allow the Outworld Devourer to return to its previous form. It will remain to be seen if this will be a net gain in relation to its previous iterations.

Aghanim Shard’s capabilities get major changes in Dota 2 update 7.28b
The biggest change to Dota 2’s gameplay in version 7.28 was the addition of Aghanim Shards. The item grants either a permanent skill upgrade or a brand new skill for only 1400 gold. Naturally, this requires frequent adjustments to balance.

Most of these are relatively minor items, such as Dark Seer’s Normal Punch which did more damage to the illusions and saw Ogre Magi’s Fire Shield increase Mana’s cost. Some of them were much larger

Clockwerk’s Jetpack got a hold of a number of hobbyists, with lower cooling cost, Mana cost, and increased speed of movement. Grimstroke’s Ink Over received a similar treatment, with increased casting range, damage, and slow improvement. Reiki’s Sleeping Dart cost is reduced while mana strength is increased

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