One Piece Editor Accidentally Clicked On Pirated Manga Site

One Piece Editor Accidentally Clicked On Pirated Manga Site

One Piece Editor, To celebrate One Piece’s arrival in 1,000 classes, there was a live broadcast on YouTube earlier this week with employees at the Weekly Jump offices. One Piece editor showed his smartphone screen. On it, viewers can see its browsing history. Oh my God.

It was mostly pedestrian – Yahoo! Japan, One Piece, etc – but one of the entries was a pirated hentai manga site. The issue isn’t the hentai part (I mean, really, whoever cares), it’s the pirate part. This wasn’t a site full of extremists and fanatics. One Piece Editor, Instead, as Japanese mainstream news site J-Cast points out, it hosts illegally uploaded comics.

What makes this so embarrassing is that in Japan, One Piece Luffy appeared in an anti-piracy manga campaign alongside other popular manga characters asking people to “Stop kaizokuban” or “Stop bootlegs”.

In light of Shueisha’s position on the anti-piracy publisher One Piece, J-Cast reached out to the company and asked why the editor’s browser record included this particular illegal entry. The editor reviewed the publisher and explained that he had clicked “by mistake” on the link while browsing the Internet. “He did not search for this site and download any illegal things,” added Shueisha.

Moreover, the publisher strongly warned the editor for using his own device during the live broadcast and apologized to the readers for causing any trouble.

Source: kotaku

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