One night, the picture that describes the lowest point in your life?

One night, the picture that describes the lowest point in your life?

One night, I was out with some acquaintances. We went to an event and at one point I had suddenly fallen unconscious.

I woke up completely alone in the ER several hours later with no recollection of anything. When I opened my eyes, I couldn’t believe I was in the hospital. It felt like a dream.

Then instantly doctors came in. They told me my heart wasn’t beating right, and that I needed a blood transfusion as soon as possible as my hemoglobin level was shockingly low. They also advised me to stay for at least 2–3 days.

I didn’t understand. I’d never been to the hospital before. I grew up fairly healthy. And now all of a sudden I was having all these issues?

I told them there was no way I was getting a blood transfusion. They had many nurses come in and try to sway my opinion. Even a German nurse!

“Sweetie, I’ve been a nurse for 15 years now and we’ve never had any complications. You can trust us,” she said.

It wasn’t about the fear of complications. Without understanding what was actually wrong I was not getting anything done. Period. I was only okay with staying for further tests.

Then they let me know I could be internally bleeding. I had millions of doctors come in. It felt like I was dying and these people were only scaring the crap out of me.

“Has anyone in your family ever died from heart disease?

“Has anyone in your family died from heart complications whilst being physically active?”

“Do you have any type of cancer running through your family?”

I was like no? What?

One doctor came in and told me I’d need to get a pacemaker for the next 6 weeks as it looked like I had Moritz.

He came in with all the info and documents and wanted me to sign right there. I was shocked.

“A pacemaker? I am 20,” I said screeching and trying to hold in my tears.

He said something along the lines of it wasn’t so bad to get and that it could help them figure out what disease I had.

When I told him no there was no way I was getting myself a pacemaker inserted at a mere 20 years old, he went out of the room and never came back.

Then another random doctor came in and told me I could have Crohn’s disease!

What in the actual..!! What is actually going on! Why is there a random disease being thrown in my face every hour?!

I was extremely exhausted (I had never felt such lethargy ever before) and I was far away from family and friends.

I went against medical advice and booked the next flight available to me from the US to Germany. The head doctor didn’t want me to leave and warned (more like threatened) me that my insurance wasn’t going to cover anything.

But I didn’t trust anyone there.

When I decided to leave as it seemed more of a shit show than genuine help, they didn’t give me ANY of my test results or documents. One night, They made me sign a form stating I couldn’t go back without having to pay if something was to happen now (and that I was leaving against this woman’s advice). When I asked for a copy the nurse said they didn’t do copies.

Fast forward a day or two, I went to the ER in my home country. I had a colonoscopy done and everything was just fine.

My blood count was low but improving, it looked like “normal” anemia. The doctors let me know it was normal to have your heart acting up when there isn’t enough oxygen being transported through your body (i.e. low hemoglobin, the protein responsible for this).

Now that I am fine and as healthy as before, I can’t help but wonder whether or not the doctors wanted to make money off of me. One night, One night, They had put me in a nice private room in the cancer department, done a CT scan instead of a brain MRI and advised me to risky unnecessary procedures that could have ruined my life.

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