nothing much, most repulsive thing you have ever witnessed one of …

nothing much, most repulsive thing you have ever witnessed one of …

Nothing much, I’m not a mom but I worked as a nanny for 7 months to this family that seemed “perfect” twin boys elementary age and a teenage girl.  The whole family was fit and active and I had never seen a house so clean.

By clean I mean clean. As in nothing on the floors. Nothing on the counter that didn’t belong on the counter. And nothing much on the walls except this huge very nice cross not even paint.

The children upon first glance were very well behaved. And then after I began working the entire way I saw this family changed.

The young boys would threaten to find guns and knives and murder people who didn’t do what they’d say. Threatening suicide and to have each other sold on the black market.

However, these weren’t isolated events this was every time they were with me and it didn’t matter who they were talking about.

I had brought this up to the father when I began working for them and told him about it for weeks. He’d just give a little smile as a chuckle. I eventually gave up trying to tell him.

Then it got worse. I had to keep the car windows locked because when picking their sister up from school they’d roll Down the window and yell at the chubbier children, nothing much, “look at that hefty jumbo! Eat some salad fatty” I was mortified. I myself am a little heavier and then one day this was turned on me.

“Well, Jesi I think you should go on a diet. Maybe only eat carrots.” And his brother said, “no idiot she’s still fat.”

I was so hurt. I told them it wasn’t very nice to say. And they told me that sometimes you have to be mean to fix people.

One day id has been asked to take them to some plaything at their school playground. I had known the boys to be very rude but I had never known them to be racist.

A young Hispanic boy was trying to play with them and one of the boys said “go away. I won’t waste my time on someone who won’t amount to anything besides a mariachi player” nothing much, the little boy left in tears.

I was fed up and asked the boys why they thought it was okay to say all of this. They said it’s what mommy and daddy say all the time.

I confronted the parents and lost my job. But I wasn’t mad that I was fired. I was more upset when they fired me that they told me I wasn’t fit to be around kids since I hadn’t disciplined them. Except I had. In the only way, I knew how. The way my parents had with discussion and time apart.

I found all of these incidents deeply disturbing. And am so glad I no longer work there



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