New Batman Game Developer Teases News Coming Tomorrow

New Batman Game Developer Teases News Coming Tomorrow

New Batman Game, The rumored Batman game featuring the Court of Owls has all but been confirmed via a new teaser for the title that was released today. As they have done many times in the past, WB Games Montreal today took to social media to release yet another teaser for the studio’s upcoming Batman video game.

This time around, WB Montreal’s latest teaser takes a few different forms. Primarily, the studio let loose a video teaser that features a few flashing symbols. Of the symbols that we can get some quick glimpses of, one of them appears to showcase an owl. This lines up with all of the previous rumors that we have heard about the title indicating that the Court of Owls will be the primary villains of the latest Batman title.

Almost a full year ago, WB Games dropped a “Capture the Knight” teaser that we were reasonably certain signalled that a new Batman game was in the works. More teases followed on Twitter in January of this year. But then, rather oddly, it all just stopped no Batman, no Robin, no nothing, except for a little blip in June when the publisher said that it would be at the upcoming DC Fandome event,

for some reason.

Fandome takes place on August 22 this coming Saturday and with that date now looming, the tease machine has spun up once again. Earlier today, WB Games Montreal tweeted this:

The countdown timer is set to end tomorrow at 11AM ET/8AM PT. There is no telling what might come at that point. At this point, it remains unclear exactly what Warner Bros. Games Montreal will announce at the event on Saturday, August 22nd. But all signs point to a new Batman video game.

Whether that is the “Gotham Knights” game that appears to be on the way or something else entirely remains to be seen. It would make sense given that we have already seen the long-rumored Suicide Squad video game is a reality. You can check out all of our previous coverage of WB Games Montreal right here.

Personally, I’m holding out hope that we actually get something substantial with whatever is planned for tomorrow. Even a confirmation of the game’s title, which is reportedly said to be Batman: Gotham Knights, would be wonderful. We’ll keep you up to date with this whole saga as it continues to develop this week.

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