neighbors, What is the rudest thing that a new neighbor has done?

neighbors, What is the rudest thing that a new neighbor has done?

As soon as I put the money down on the house, the next door neighbor showed up screaming at me about some branches on my property. This was in front of my realtor and contractor. I tried to tell her I did not put them there, but she just kept screaming irrationally. She was yelling that I would get a code violation. Finally, the contractor said he would take the branches away in his truck. She turned around and went back to her house. No thank you, no rational discussion, nothing. When I saw this, I tried to get out of buying the house but it was too late.

After I moved in, my hose(s) in the backyard were constantly vandalized and my dog’s frisbees were also vandalized or stolen. I knew it was her or someone she instigated, but I could not prove it. So I just called the cops pretty much from the time I moved in. neighbor One time she threw my dog’s frisbee across the wall dividing our properties when I was in my backyard. It had been dipped in bleach. No question at the point that it was coming from her or someone from her yard.

And then my newly planted trees near her side of the wall were poisoned and died.

I finally had to put inexpensive security cameras. After this, the break-ins into my back yard stopped for the most part. Then there was another harassment. the neighbor I also had Code Enforcement shows up every time I had one week.

Adult protective services showed up saying somebody had filed a complaint that I had been seen naked at my door covered by feces. Nothing wrong.

Animal control showed up stating they had a complaint that my yard smelled and found nothing wrong.

I was pulled over twice by the police for suspected drunk driving due to anonymous calls. Again nothing wrong.

I tried to get a restraining order against her and I believe I should’ve succeeded. To this day, I suspect racism as to why I did not. My neighbor said I hated her because she was Hispanic. The hearing officer was Hispanic and I think she believed her.

Since then, she has pretty much kept her distance after about a year of suspicious activity that I could not prove was her or instigated by her. She did make it clear she did not like my dog. Whenever I walked my dog, my house would be vandalized, usually at night.

Half of my stuff is still in storage. I’m still looking to move but it’s not easy. I have no idea why she has been so awful to me except for possible racism on her part

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