Myst inspired VR Adventure Ryte – The Eye Of Atlantis Sets December 8

Myst inspired VR Adventure Ryte – The Eye Of Atlantis Sets December 8

Myst inspired VR, Audiovisual production company Orichalcum Pictures announced the release date of December 8, 2020 for Ryte – The Eye of Atlantis, a virtual reality adventure in the legendary city of Atlantis. The game is the studio’s first video game, a co-production with VR Connection, and is being released for Steam VR and Oculus.

Ryte – The Eye of Atlantis is inspired by the great Myst video game series, and from ancient Greek culture and architecture. A first-person virtual reality experience will allow you to plunge deeply into the “representation of the wonderful civilization of Atlantis, drawn in part from the imaginations” of historians and philosophers such as Plato or Herodotus. Moreover, you will be able to wield supernatural power to solve puzzles with the goal of saving Atlantis from destruction. estimated.

According to the website and Steam’s notes, you will start as a citizen in the year 2134, as a Customer for Historia Time Travel (HTT). HTT discovered a method for pseudo-time travel, by sending a person’s consciousness back in time to chase the body of a person who was alive during that time period. In this case, your consciousness is returned to the body of an ancient Atlantean hunter, on the last day of the legendary city’s existence, before the catastrophic event that destroyed it.

While you are there, you will visit the city’s harbor, outdoor markets and sacred temples, Myst inspired VR, as well as meet its many citizens who will act as guides and teachers, helping you achieve a level of understanding with the various puzzles and styles of the game. At some point, you’ll also gain the telekinesis powers that will allow you to manipulate the environment to your advantage.

However, even with all these advantages, you must remember that every procedure has a result. Depending on the cumulative decision you make during your adventure, the game will end with one of four possible endings that will decide your fate and that of Atlantis – be it good or bad.

Click on it and watch the suspended gameplay ad on Orichalcum’s YouTube channel for a sneak peek at more of what inspired the game. Put the game on Steam’s wish list, and learn more from Orichalcum’s website and Twitter channel.

Source : thegamer

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