What is the most embarrassing thing your child did with you in the car?

What is the most embarrassing thing your child did with you in the car?

This one was the awful…the most embarrassing thing my child has done.

I was 10 1/2 month pregnant with my son. ( not really but the doctor did mess updates ) as a result, I’m hugely pregnant. I’m five feet tall and petite. So towards the end of this pregnancy, I was almost immobile. It was very hard for me to even sit. I couldn’t get comfortable. I had gained 80 lbs and it was all belly….think if you’ve ever seen an overly pregnant woman and it looked like she might explode cause you clearly can see the poor tiny woman must be carrying a beast cause her size was just unreal. That was me…pathetically pregnant.

I also had a 2 1/2-year-old daughter. Her name is Cassandra. She was a very easy baby/toddler. We were staying at my mother’s at the end of my pregnancy with my son. Their father and I weren’t getting along at the time.

Cassandra had this bag of stuff and she loved, loved stickers. She had to take her bag of stuff where ever we went.

This particular day my mother was having a luncheon with her girlfriends at the house. I chose to stay in my room I didn’t feel up to all the attention from all the little old ladies wanting to touch me. I decided I’d take a nap. Cassie was playing in the house. Going between our room and the luncheon my mother was hosting.

All of a sudden I hear tons of hysterical laughter. I was in and out of sleep. All of sudden I hear my mother call my name “Shannon please come here and see what your daughter has done.”

I think great I can barely move “ yeah give me a half hour I’ll be right there it only takes me forever to move without the help of someone pulling me out. Which I was pretty sure that by the way, they were laughing no help was on its way. I managed to flop, flip myself off the bed.

Out of breath, I waddled down the hall. Oh my God…my parents have this Bassett hound the dog with the floppy ears. I look and I see the dog has maxi pads stuck to his ears. I burst out laughing with everyone else.

Then I asked my daughter “why” she was all proud saying grammy had the best stickers. I died laughing. Getting those things off the dog’s ears was quite the task. All that super sticky adhesive.

So now I was up. I decided to take Cassie with me on a few errands. She had to run and get her bag of stuff. I put her in the car and were off.

I had to stop and get gas. Now cause I’m 10 1/2 months pregnant I can’t turn around and my car a 1985 mustang all done out with low profile peril racing rims also has bucket seats. I barely can touch the pedals cause the seat is pushed so far back.

As the gas guy is pumping the gas he’s pointing to my car and calling other people over. I can only see out the side door mirrors and a little of the rearview.

I’m thinking yeah buddy I may be hugely pregnant but my car is badass. Thinking they are all admiring the beauty of a car for which she was. I was feeling pretty proud of my car.

Then they all start laughing loudly. I can’t think for the life of me would be so funny after all they were admiring my car….rigggght??

The guy comes and gets the money. I ask what’s so funny that I can’t see. He just bursts out laughing and his buddy does too. Now I’m getting upset. I didn’t get it.

The guy holding his stomach tells me I gotta see. I gotta get out of the car to see. I explained I was hugely pregnant and it’s not that easy. Once I’m in I’m in for the duration. He says “ no you gotta see this “ he’s dying laughing.

I struggled like hell to get out of that car. Asked the guy to pull me out. As I went to the back to look…ohh my God the horror.

My sweet baby had stuck my mothers maxi-pads all over my badass car back window. No way of mistaking a fancy sticker. It was always kind of wings. All the sticker wrappers in the bottom of the car. I was speechless. I couldn’t.

My daughter then says, “ look I got all Grammy’s special stickers! ” Noooooooo, no no this can’t be happening. I had to act like it was an everyday occurrence and they were being silly for laughing. I wanted to just shrink away.

So every time after that when I got gas the gas attendant would say “ what’s up wings?” ha, ha…

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