Monster Horror Game Carrion Gets a Release Date

Monster Horror Game Carrion Gets a Release Date

The horror game Carrion where players get to play as the monster for a change now has a release date. Carrion will launch on the Xbox One, Nintendo Switch, and PC platforms on July 23rd, Devolver Digital announced on Saturday during its eventful showcase…

No release on the PlayStation 4 is planned according to the information that’s been shared so far, but you won’t have to wait until its actual release date to try it either. The game is currently up for pre-orders on Steam, and if you want to try it out, you can download a sneak peek to see what it’s all about.

Gory wall-crawling horror game Carrion is set to release on July 23rd, as announced in today’s Devolver Digital presentation. Billed as a ‘reverse horror game’ since its announcement a few years ago,

Carrion has you playing as an amorphous amalgamation of tentacles and flesh sliding through air ducts and hallways devouring the hapless humans who unleashed you upon their unfortunate world.

While humans are usually the ones hunting down the monsters in lab-like settings as the creature creeps over the walls and through the hallways, the script’s flipped in Carrion.

Monster Horror Game, Players control an evolving creature that’s able to use an array of abilities to take down the human enemies that would try to contain it and keep it at bay.

You’re a kind of The Thing-esque horror, except instead of breaking everything up into new little critters you bring them into your loving embrace. It’s a graphically gory game.

There’s lots of tearing and eating and blood and bullets. There are men with flamethrowers who will attempt to kill you, and also robot suits that will attempt to kill you. Also, you can infect these people and control them and then you have the mechs and/or flamethrowers.

It was also confirmed during the Devolver Digital event that Carrion would be available as part of the Xbox Game Pass as well, so if you’ve got that subscription, you’ve got Carrion on July 23rd.

Source : Pcgamer , comicbook 

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