Pokémon Go will better blend AR creatures into the real world

mobile AR game

Pokemon GO may technically be a mobile AR game, but from the beginning, the AR side has always felt like a second thought in terms of the game’s visuals…

When the title was released, AR’s functions were very limited and also incredibly brutal with cell phone batteries. Many changes have been made in the following years and the AR side of the game is becoming a more natural part of the experience than ever.

Many Pokemon GO tasks and stories include incentives to take Pokémon snapshots in mobile AR game spaces or to play with your Pokémon friend in the AR environment. These features can be a lot of fun and definitely help to cross game characters and the real world.

mobile AR game

According to the latest update from the development team, even more improvements will come in the AR side of the experience in the near future.Niantic plans to expand the feature to other devices in the future. That said, we can’t imagine the company being in a rush when the pandemic still dictates avoiding other people.

However, if it’s safe to venture outside, it can soon help improve AR features. The developers are working on a PokéStop Scan that, like a similar feature in Ingress, allows you to help map a location in AR by recording short videos (less than 10 seconds) from the area. This will help Niantic create 3D maps of PokéStops and Gyms to refine the overall experience. Niantic says it does not collect personal data and will not link scans to specific accounts, so it really depends on your eagerness to contribute.

This feature should be available to level 40 players in early June

Source: Engadget , GameRant 

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