Microsoft pauses advertising on Facebook

Microsoft pauses advertising on Facebook

Microsoft pauses advertising

Microsoft has joined a growing list of companies that have “paused” advertising on Facebook. According to a Bloomberg report, which cites an announcement made internally by Microsoft marketing executive Chris Capossela…

Last week, numerous big brands like Coca-Cola, Honda, Unilever, Ford and Starbucks have publicly stated that, at least temporarily, they will no longer spend their advertising money on the social network.

Facebook has come under fire recently for its policies that allow hateful content to remain visible on the platform, in contrast to changes to social media elsewhere. Companies have expressed concern about the possibility of their brand ads being placed alongside this content.

But Microsoft has yet to announce its decision publicly, and has so far not responded to requests for comment on the decision. Since the decision was made public, questions have been raised about the rationale for this choice, just days after Microsoft announced that it would partner with Facebook Gaming after killing its own Mixer streaming service.

Source : Eurogamer

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