Mass Effect Legendary Edition Is Making Boss Fight Changes

Mass Effect Legendary Edition Is Making Boss Fight Changes

Mass Effect Legendary Edition was introduced as a redesigned iteration of all three games in the original trilogy, but that doesn’t mean BioWare isn’t trying to make some tweaks here and there. One area where the studio is specifically looking to introduce gaming into the modern era comes with boss fights, which will now be slightly modified.

In a story from Game Informer, BioWare director Kevin Meek talks about the boss’s fights in the Mass Effect Legendary Edition and why they are somewhat reworked. Meek specifically referred to the Battle of Matriarch Benezia from the original Mass Effect and how the area in which you are fighting against the President has a very little cover. For the most part, the cover is a vital thing in the entirety of Mass Effect’s trilogy. If you can’t protect yourself, you can easily die quickly.

So in the Battle of Penzias, if you remember all the tracks going around, there was no cover. “No cover at all.” And there was no place to add a cover because the passages were so narrow. And then you get to the corner and there will be a cover, But they were all animated with spirits, so you really can’t go anywhere and take cover to create a sense of plan or strategy about how you want to complete that battle. ”

When approaching this battle again in the Legendary Edition, Meek explained that a new change had been implemented to extend some of the aforementioned tracks in combat. In doing so, this allowed more cover to be executed now without changing the level layout too much. It’s the exact same design, but everything is now dual-width with some added casing points, ”said Meek.

Mac Walters, director of BioWare, also stated, that this same approach to fixing certain areas that were problematic for some players was also conducted in non-boss fights. One of those solutions was to ensure that all Mass Effect games implement auto-save often. That way if you die in a certain area over and over again, you may have more checkpoints to make things more forgiving.

Mass Effect Legendary Edition is scheduled to launch later this year on May 14 and will be playable on PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC as well as next-generation consoles on PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X.

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