Mario Kart Live Home Circuit Fan Creates 3D-Printed Rainbow

Mario Kart Live Home Circuit Fan Creates 3D-Printed Rainbow

Mario Kart Live Home, The core concept of Mario Kart Live: Home Circuit is pretty remarkable. Using real-life toy cars and augmented reality, it’s now possible for players to bring the Mario Kart racing experience into the real world. More than that, the game has given players the opportunity to express their creativity and design custom race tracks in their own homes. Unsurprisingly, a lot of them have also been taking the opportunity to recreate one of the series’ most iconic tracks, Rainbow Road, in Mario Kart Live.

While Mario Kart Live already gives players the ability to build their own Rainbow Road through its AR elements, 3D printer manufacturer BCN3D Technologies decided to take things a few steps further. In a recent video, it showed off a recreation of the original Rainbow Road from Super Mario Kart on the SNES, which it made to celebrate Super Mario’s 35 anniversary.

The team at BCN3D was able to put this together with the help of over 4,400 interlocking 3D-printed tiles, resulting in a track that covers a fairly large area of around 16X17 feet. It might not be an exact scale recreation of the SNES Rainbow Road when compared to Mario Kart Live’s toy karts, but judging from the video, it’s big enough to provide a decent real-world spin on the Rainbow Road racing experience. It’s certainly one of the most professional-looking tracks players have come up with for Home Circuit so far.

It’s actually pretty incredible how much mileage a lot of players have been getting out of the track-making aspect. The game only came out a month ago, yet players have already come up with several creative Mario Kart Live tracks set in living rooms, gardens, and more, and utilizing all sorts of unique props to give them extra personality. Of course, there are a few Rainbow Roads included among them.

Although lots of fans are having fun playing the game and putting together custom tracks, others have been passing on the game for a number of reasons. A lot of them are still waiting for Nintendo to release a proper sequel instead of spinoffs like Home Circuit and Mario Kart Tour, while others simply don’t have the space to accommodate real-world tracks and karts. Also, some players simply don’t want Mario Kart Live being ruined by their cats.

Despite these reasons, the game has been fairly well-received and appears to be pulling in good sales too, so it seems, all in all, players are on board with the unique mix of toys and video games that Mario Kart Live provides.

Mario Kart Live: Home Circuit is available for the Switch.

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