Maneater reviews round-up, all the scores: It’s like Ecco the Dolphin

Maneater reviews

Garnering a lot of popularity due to its hilarious central concept and tongue-in-cheek trailers, it seems a lot of players are incredibly excited for the release of Maneater reviewsThe new game from Tripwire – the developers behind Killing Floor and its sequel – the game sees players take the role of a particularly angry Bull Shark, as they terrorize the waters of the Gulf Coast in search of humans to eat, oceanic life to fight, upgrades to discover, and chaos to cause.

Maneater reviews, the RPG where you take on the role of a Bull Shark, is out now and so are the reviews. Maneater has been released, and we’ve rounded the reviews up for you. In the game, the lead antagonist is Scaly Pete, and star of the in-game wildlife reality television show, Shark Hunters vs Man Eaters. The fisherman hates sharks because one killed his father.

Maneater reviews

The show pits Scaly Pete (voiced by Chris Parnell) against a baby Bull Shark that was “torn from his mother’s belly.” “These dueling tales of revenge between man and man-eater play out in-game as players lead the young baby shark on its journey to becoming the ultimate apex predator,” reads the game description. But not only will you have to contend with Scaly Pete, but there’s also plenty of dangers lurking in the open ocean, swamps, and rivers.

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