Magic The Gathering Arena mobile version coming to Android

Magic The Gathering Arena mobile version coming to Android

Magic The Gathering Arena, Wizards of the Coast, publisher of the popular arcade game Magic: The Gathering, has revealed a mobile version of the game called Magic: The Gathering Arena Mobile, which will be available on Android as an early access game on January 28.

The way it works is very similar to how an actual card game works: you can use combinations of cards to create five separate colors of mana, then play these cards to summon creatures, cast spells, and activate special abilities. You fight other players with the chosen combination, Magic The Gathering Arena, with the goal of reducing their total life to zero before they can do the same with you.

Magic: The Gathering Arena was first made available to PC operators in 2019, and the Android Early Access version will be the first to launch on a mobile phone, with full releases on Android and iOS later in the year. This version of the game will include all of the content available in the PC version, as well as the upcoming Viking-themed Kaldheim expansion. It will also have cross-platform support, allowing you to play against PC players or vice versa.

The app is available to anyone with a mobile device that meets the recommended specifications, which can be seen here. The game’s official website revealed some devices that will be compatible, but this list is not final.

“We want fans to enjoy fun and enjoyable experiences with the long-awaited mobile version of Magic, and we want to make sure our releases are polished and ready to play. Stay tuned for more information coming later this month in the January Game Status Report,” according to the official disclosure.

The Google Play Store page for Magic: The Gathering Arena doesn’t seem to be available yet, but once we know more, we’ll make sure to update you. The early release of Android version is scheduled for January 28.

Source: pocketgamer 

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