Leaked Footage From The Elder Scrolls 6 Raises Suspicion

Leaked Footage From The Elder Scrolls 6 Raises Suspicion

Leaked Footage, The alleged test footage doesn’t reveal much, and it’s not confirmed that it’s from the game. There is no fighting, no dragons, no spells cast, and no graves explored. It’s just a simple nine-second clip of a brief movement in what appears to be a field.

The video showing the alleged leaked test footage was shared on 4Chan before it made its way to Reddit. Check it out below. Upon seeing the alleged leaked footage, fans were not only questioning its authenticity but also whether footage from The Elder Scrolls 6 to begin with.

“It looks just like Rust,” said a Reddit user, which is a popular thread in the chat thread. “It’s rust for sure, I’m not a player and I’ve only played rust a few times!” One Reddit user agreed.

The Reddit user made another good point on the footage dubbed “ES-VIRF” which will likely translate to “Elder Scrolls VI Redfall”. “Bethesda has internal code names for all of its projects (at least from recent interviews I’ve seen, specifically about Starfield),” said a Reddit user. The user continued: “So I really tend to be definitely bogus. Even in development tools, they were using the codename, not something that was clearly ‘Elder Scrolls VI’.

This point being made is very correct and we just have to go back to Capcom’s recent data breach as a lot of future releases have been leaked. The vast majority of addresses in the leaked data have code names. I agree with the vast majority of the Reddit thread, with or without the inaccurate codename. Leaked Footage, I don’t think these “test shots” are really The Elder Scrolls 6.

I think we’ll have to wait for a word from Bethesda! However, do let us know what you think these test shots could be.

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