League Of Legends New Champion Of Six Planned For 2021

League Of Legends New Champion Of Six Planned For 2021

League Of Legends New Champion, With 2021 kicking off in earnest, Riot Games is starting to unveil its League of Legends roadmap for the year. The 2021 season plan aims to add six new champions, the first of which has been revealed as Jungler Viego the Ruined King.

In a video showing Riot’s hero plans for 2021, Ryan “Reav3” Meirelles said that this year’s new champions will follow a similar plan for the 2020 releases, League Of Legends New Champion, with Riot planning to release a new character for each lane location throughout the year, and two in the middle of the lane.

“We believe players shouldn’t go more than a year without a new hero to try to do their part,” said Reav3. League Of Legends Reveals, While the video specifically refers to four confirmed heroes linked to the Shattered King, 2021 will have six new characters if Riot matches its 2020 hero production as promised.

The first is Viego The Ruined King, a character who has been in League of Legends for as long as the game has been around and now is finally getting its moment as a playable character. You will play Viego as a jungle, with abilities that include camouflage and passive fog that allow the Shattered King to possess downed enemies.

Viego is also the main antagonist in the upcoming episodic RPG Ruined King: A League of Legends Story, which is set to release in early 2021. The next three heroes to be released will also tie in with the Ruined King story. While the hero update video drops some hints about the new characters, more details have yet to be confirmed – although Reav3 says hints about the next hero after Viego will be hidden in the Ruined King game itself.

Source: gamespot 

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