Jump Force Reveals Shoto Todoroki DLC Release Date

Jump Force

Jump Force, Bandai Namco’s manga brawler Jump Force is looking to bolster its already impressive roster of iconic characters with more fan favorites in the Character Pass 2 DLC. The first character to drop will be one of My Hero Academia‘s most liked characters, Shoto Todoroki, previously announced as one of the characters to be featured in the Pass.

The 3D fighter pulls from the deep catalog of hugely popular manga featured in Japan’s Weekly Shonen Jump magazine. Fans looking to play as their favorite character from Naruto, Hunter X Hunter, or My Hero Academia get the chance to here.

Spraying the ring with shards of ice and searing flames makes for a devastating one-two punch. Shoto stands to feature prominently in the 5th season of My Hero Academia.

Jump Force

Jump Force is just the latest in a long line of games that have brought together characters from the Weekly Shonen Jump world. Fans would like to see characters in up and coming titles like Demon Slayer get their due.

As these characters continue to roll out, news of a Switch release of Jump Force is making the rounds. A “Deluxe Edition” of the game is on the way that will include all of the DLC characters. With such a stacked roster, having them all at once might be worth the wait.

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