If someone borrowed your body for a week, what quirks would you tell?

If someone borrowed your body for a week, what quirks would you tell?

So, welcome to my life for a week. How to handle Fie’s body, to go to guide:

  • first of all, I have had surgery on my knee when I was a teen which healed properly but still does not quite function as it used to, so be prepared to find a pirate like a scar and to pop it a few times a day – that will do to make the pain go away

  • I’m hypermobile as well, so switch your soles when you wear a different set of shoes because otherwise, you are going to have a tough time standing the entire day. Additionally, you might collapse on your ankles a couple of times but won’t feel a thing because well you’re hypermobile. Just dont let it happen too often because I do have to live with the micro tears down the line

  • If someone You’re gonna be clumsy and are unable to walk in a straight line without focussing properly. Yes, you will occasionally block peoples paths because you walk out of line, just say sorry and move on. Fun fact: you will walk in a straight line when you’re drunk. Life is weird

  • Migraines. Be sure to sleep, eat, and drink at regular intervals because otherwise, you’re going to feel the consequences

  • Do not drink water on an empty stomach in the morning, you will puke

  • If someone Also, please remember to drink as my body likes to give of hunger signals when instead you probably just need a glass of water – hydrating is one of the things I have to do consciously

  • Have fun being a morning person. Your brains will function like crazy from 7–15, afterward be prepared to function at 75% and watch your coordination go down as well

  • please work out. Your body will thank you for it. The knee which had surgery needs it, and probably your mind as well 🙂

  • Although you’re a girl, be prepared to find one of the smallest sets of boobs possible. Not to worry though, you will be able to sleep on your stomach

So yeah, if you live according to a routine your body will thank you for it! For the rest, If someone enjoy being a 22-year-old woman and have some fun 🙂

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