Hyper Scape is a Free-to-Play Battle Royale Shooter by Ubisoft, Out in July

Hyper Scape

It looks like Ubisoft is gearing up to make a surprise announcement of a new game that not many people may have seen coming, and one that barely leaked, which would have been unusual for a Ubisoft game…

On Twitter, esports consultant Rod Breslau reports that, according to anonymous sources, Ubisoft will make fun of a new game today with the code name Prisma Dimensions. That game is actually Hyper Scape, a “AAA” fast-action first-person shooter, developed by Ubisoft Montreal, the studio behind Rainbow Six and Assassin’s Creed.

Hyper Scape is reportedly set in a “futuristic virtual world”. The game will enter closed beta next week and launch in full on July 12, likely with an announcement reserved for the E3-style digital event, Ubisoft Forward. It will launch on PC first, with a console launch coming later in the year.

Breslau also gave him more information, saying that the game has been developed with the streamers in mind and through a “full partnership” with Twitch. In fact, it’s supposed to feature “never-before-seen levels of great game integration.” For example, as Breslau describes, “Twitch chat, among other things, will be able to directly impact the live game with game-changing events.”

He also claims that Ubisoft has invited hundreds of streamers, pro players, outlets, and YouTubers to participate in the game. Prints and gameplay footage of this will be shared sometime next week.

Of course, this is not official information, and as with any leak, don’t take this for confirmation, though it looks like this will likely be confirmed in a week, so we’ll find out soon. Stay tuned for more updates.

Source : gamingbolt

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