Husband and wife wedding, What was wedding like?

Husband and wife wedding, What was wedding like?

My husband and I were in a relationship for 8 years before we got married. Though we were together for a long time, Husband and wife wedding we never had sex before marriage.

Our wedding festivities got over by 12 AM and he had booked a room in a hotel nearby. The room was decorated with rose petals and candles. It was lovely.

I removed my jewels and kept it aside and my husband pounced on me. He couldn’t wait for me to undress even (I am not complaining).

He removed my clothes and we tried to do the deed but it just couldn’t happen because I was very tight. We went to sleep and tried again the next morning and it was the same.

This same routine continued for a year. It was not like I didn’t enjoy sex but I was tensed about the pain and when he tried to enter me, I would involuntarily tighten up and there would be no way for him to go further. We would always masturbate each other off to relieve the sexual tension.

After a year, I began to worry as I thought we would never have sex ever. We went to a doctor who examined me and told me that there is nothing wrong with me physically, it is just my mental block. husband and wife wedding, She advised me to learn to relax and to use a lot of lube.

Even after going to the doctor, there was no change except for the fact that I felt relieved that there was no medical problem. husband and wife wedding always supportive and never once pressured me or hurt me in any way.

Another year passed and now it was 2 years since our wedding. One day, we just started our usual make out and I thought this will also end in masturbation. This time, by some magic, after a few failed attempts, my husband entered me for the first time. I was shocked as it did NOT HURT AT ALL! All these years I was worried about pain and all that for absolutely nothing! I didn’t feel pleasure either.

After that day I learned to really relax and after a month or so sex started feeling pleasurable for me. I really let go and had my first vaginal orgasm 1.5 months after that.

 I knew my husband and loved him, it was difficult. It is not always easy for the couple and in these two years, there have been many nights when I was depressed that something was wrong with me. husband and wife wedding, I thought we would never have kids! This issue was so shameful for me to even share with my close friends.

To anyone who is facing such problems, please visit a doctor and find out your underlying problem. In my case, it was my anxiety issues that I have been having since I was a kid. This anxiety was never addressed by a mental health professional and I only came to know recently about this issue.


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