How to watch the Sega livestream happening today?

How to watch the Sega livestream happening today?

How to watch the Sega, If you’ve been looking to watch Sega’s live broadcast taking place today on January 14th, you’ve come to the right place. Set to air on Sega’s Twitch channel, you can catch the show here in the embed below. Scheduled to start sometime later today, no specific timeframe has been set for the broadcast yet, but we will be monitoring updates so stay tuned for the latest information. You can also turn on notifications on the Twitch channel to be notified when it goes live.

Sega Europe recently posted a tweet announcing the live broadcast, and it missed out that “something special” would appear. Of course, this ‘cool thing’ can really be anything, so anyone can guess what will be shown during the broadcast.

Since 2021 marks the 30th anniversary of Sonic the Hedgehog, it may be related to upcoming Sega celebrations, How to watch the Sega, which are said to be seeing advertisements for new Sonic multiplayer games. As revealed in an advertisement in the summer issue of Licensing Source Book Europe, the Sonic series is set to have a “year of celebration”, with new games, events, major announcements, and digital content.

Interestingly, Sonic’s 3D animated series appears to be in the works, after the official NXonNetflix Twitter account posted a teaser for the show with a release date of 2022 before it was subsequently deleted. Sonic can also be seen in the GIF accompanying the broadcast ad tweet from Sega Europe, so we can really see some news in the form of Sonic.

It could also be something else entirely, and it might not necessarily relate to the famous blue hedgehog. While “something special” definitely sounds exciting, it’s probably best to limit your expectations – at least that way, you’ll be pleasantly surprised if it’s a big advertisement.

Stay tuned for the latest upcoming releases with a brief preview of all the new games for 2021.

Source: gamesradar

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