Hitman 3 pre order price guide: join the world’s greatest assassin

Hitman 3 pre order price guide: join the world’s greatest assassin

Hitman 3 pre order, But securing the services of the world’s greatest killer doesn’t come cheap. To help with that, we’ve outlined various Hitman 3 pre-orders that come in the third and final part of Io Interactive’s World of Assassination trilogy, including where to find it at the best price, and how you can be sure you get the best version. Possible for the platform you choose.

Although Hitman 3 isn’t exactly a launch game for either PS5 or Xbox Series X, it’s one of the first major releases of 2021, and one of the biggest games to release since the arrival of new consoles. Rest assured – while the previous two games in the series have launched on last-generation consoles, Hitman 3 will take full advantage of the new hardware, Hitman 3 pre order, which runs at 4K and 60fps speeds on the current generation hardware. If you’ve been playing the series for years,

However, you’ll still be able to play through the entire series on the console of your choice – not only are there free next-generation upgrades available if you buy on the PS4 or Xbox One (via Smart Delivery on Microsoft’s consoles) but the missions and features from both Hitman and Hitman 2 will be completely playable inside Hitman 3.

It’s basically three games in one, so even if you haven’t played the first two in World of Assassination, this is a great place to explore a complete trilogy of the best stealth games out there. Hitman 3 launched on January 20, 2021, so you still have a short period, but ideally positioned, to get a deal before Agent 47 takes off on its first hit.

Get the best pre-order rates and deals on Hitman 3

There are two versions of Hitman 3 for pre-order. Hitman 3 Standard Edition will give access to each level and a complete set of ways to beat all 47 Operator targets, with multiple ways to replay each mission.

However, if you fancy more, you can also get Hitman 3 Deluxe Edition, which offers some digital goodies, exclusive in-game costumes, and Deluxe Escalations to provide more ways to dispose of your quarry.

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