Harry Potter RPG Release Window Revealed by Industry Insider

Harry Potter RPG

One of the worst-kept secrets in the gaming industry these days is the Harry Potter RPG, a highly anticipated game despite the fact that Warner Bros Interactive has yet to mention its existence…

Most of the news comes from leaks and speculation, as well as guarantees from gaming industry sources like journalist Jason Schreier. While most fans expect a massive open world where the witch or gamer-created wizard can roam, that dream may be more reality than most thanks to the developer working on the title.

Along with the DC games rumored to be in development at WB Montreal and Rocksteady, Harry Potter remains the other high-profile title in preparation for Warner Bros. Sources continue to confirm that the game is still on track to release.

Earlier this month, a new leak apparently revealed a ton of new details about the game, giving many fans additional hope that the anticipated title will be announced in the coming weeks. While that hasn’t happened yet, most have started looking towards the FanDome event planned for this summer, which is a virtual event for DC Comics. The leak indicates that the game’s official title is Hogwarts: A Dark Legacy, and players will create a school-enrolled student who will take on a former Death Eater in the years after the final Harry Potter novel.

Another great news about the development team is the fact that AT&T is looking to sell Warner Bros Interactive, which includes its numerous studios like NetherRealm, Rocksteady and the Avalanche software mentioned above. With a large debt still to pay, AT&T is looking to earn up to $ 4 billion from the sale, as well as include a business license agreement that would allow AT&T to continue making money with IP. The interest reportedly comes from companies like EA, Activision and Take-Two, though nothing has yet been finalized.

Source : Gamerant

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