Hades Will Launch Without Cross-Save Between PC and Switch

Hades Will Launch Without Cross-Save Between PC and Switch

Hades won’t support cross-save between Nintendo Switch and PC at launch. However, the feature is coming in a later update. Supergiant Games’ Hades is set to launch on Nintendo Switch and PC later this fall. The rogue-like dungeon crawler casts you as the son of the god of the dead and asks you to find your way out of the Greek Underworld.

It’s incredibly good in early access on PC and might be something truly special on release. Supergiant wanted to bring cross-save functionality to the two platforms. However, due to some setbacks in testing, it will not be available at launch. Instead, it’s coming in a future update.

It makes sense, considering the Venn diagram of players on both PC and Switch who intend to swap between the two is probably super small, but it’s worth keeping in mind if you were hoping to buy it on consoles. An increasing number of PC games have added cross-save functionality with Switch and, as a Switch owner, I think it’s awesome. I love being able to take Divinity: Original Sin 2 on the go without much hassle.

The official Twitter responded to the comment pointing out that the initial announcement implied the feature would be available at launch, and they wanted to make it clear that whenever in fall 2020 the Hades Switch port drops, cross-saving won’t be available with it. It responded to another comment asking if people will have to overwrite Switch data with separate games and then transfer the data when the feature drops, which Supergiant says it would like to avoid, and is trying to sort out this difficulty when it potentially appears.

At least the Switch port isn’t being postponed, although it is disappointing that everyone getting the Switch version of the game when it launches will have to create a new save. Hopefully, the issues resolve themselves quickly, and players can transfer their hard-earned PC data over to Switch.

Hades is available now for PC and is coming to Nintendo Switch Fall 2020.

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