Guilty Gear Strive reveals Nagoriyuki and Leo Whitefang

Guilty Gear Strive reveals Nagoriyuki and Leo Whitefang

Guilty Gear

Guilty Gear Strive was pegged as the last fighting game of the eight generation, but following the next Guilty Gear’s delay to 2021, it might also hold a new honor. At the recent fighting game publisher roundtable, news came in that Guilty Gear Strive will be making a new kind of jump for the franchise.

Arc System Works’ next fighter will no longer be contained to the current generation as Guilty Gear Strive will now launch on the upcoming PlayStation 5 console. The anime fighter will still be coming to PlayStation 4, meaning players won’t have to buy into the next generation for the high octane battles.

At the end of his reveal, we get the character basically everyone was expecting to be shown off. The armor-clad samurai who we first saw in the reveal trailer of Strive, and his name is Nagori Yuki. Sporting a very Bleach like mechanized helmet, his gameplay looks extremely similar to Ragna from the Blazblue series.


Every time he cuts his opponent red energy flows off of them and into him. He even seems to have a command grab where he bites his opponent like a vampire. It is very possible that he absorbs life from his opponent with each attack just like Ragna does. Which is a cool gimmick for a samurai type character.

The second reveal introduces brand new character Nagori Yuki. Despite his traditional samurai appearance and fighting style, the mysterious newcomer is actually a vampire, and combines exquisite swordsmanship with the ability to chow down on foes when he gets a bit peckish. Of note, the trailer sees Nagori Yuki drawing his opponent’s blood toward him, suggesting some form of buff or healing mechanic. More details will be revealed about this Creature of the Night very soon.

Guilty Gear Strive launches spring 2021 for PS4, PS5, PC, and in Japanese arcades.

Source : Gamerant , pcinvasion , destructoid

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