Guilty Gear Strive open beta extended until Tuesday

Guilty Gear Strive open beta extended until Tuesday

Guilty Gear Strive, Arc System Works announced that it is extending the Guilty Gear Strive open beta until Tuesday, February 23, but players will only be able to download the client until the end of the day. The beta version will now close at 2.59 PM GMT on Tuesday. The extension was confirmed after the beta version ran into some server issues on the first day which means people cannot connect online and play Guilty Gear Strive against others. Arc System Works announced this announcement on Twitter.

Open Beta Extension: We have decided to extend the Guilty Gear -Strive- Open Beta test by two days for all participants, and will end on Feb 23 at 6:59 AM PDT. Please note that Open Beta Test game data can only be downloaded until Feb 21 6:59 AM PDT.

The same trial version allows players to choose from 13 fighters from a list and play 1-player against robots or go online and face other players. There will be cross play between enabled PS4 and PS5 players. To sign up for the trial version, players can go to the official Guilty Gear Strive beta website, and they will need to log into their Bandai Namco account or create an account. Last year, Dom had some hands on time with the locked beta and wrote:

The moment the heavy metal pull-downs start to spill from your TV speakers, you know this is Guilty Gear. Arguably my favorite fighting franchise – sorry Virtua Fighter – it delivers an extraordinary level of movement in your face, building a captivating world that none of the others have internalized. The Guilty Gear series has always been built on the belief that being the loudest and most awesome will make you stand out from the pack, and after going on with the closed beta version of Guilty Gear Strive, I’ll be hard-pressed to differ with them.

My only real concern, if anything, is that Strive could lose its effect if it gets too close to launching the next generation of console. Fighting game fans should keep their targets steady on target, though, as damn new consoles are.

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