Ghost of Tsushima will feature black-and-white samurai cinema mode

Ghost of Tsushima

You’ll have to follow the wind and the wild animals to find new places and points of interest in the world of the Ghost of Tsushima. That’s one of the gameplay elements Sucker Punch Productions showcased during Sony’s latest State of Play episode, which lasted 18 minutes and revealed more of what you can expect from the samurai action-adventure title.

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Ghost of Tsushima, Aside from the more conventional samurai style of combat, you can make a point to act more akin to a Ghost. As a Ghost, you use fear as a weapon by purposely manipulating sound in order to deter or confuse enemies, at which point you can use stealth to assassinate them. You can also use smoke bombs and what appear to be fireworks to obstruct their vision when they catch you, at which point you can make a quick, decisive move and kill them – dishonorably.

Kill enough enemies and the remaining Mongols will scurry away in fear, likely horrified by your detestable and dishonorable actions. Once a samurai, you now resort to using any means necessary to complete your mission.

The developer also showed the differences in Jin’s, the protagonist’s, fighting styles. When fighting as an honorable samurai, Jin can challenge enemies in a lethal standoff. But as a “Ghost” that’s willing to do anything to drive away Tsushima Mongol invaders, he can strike in the dead of night and use dirty tricks to his advantage.

Jin will have a bunch of different armors to choose from, because each one provides a different mechanical advantage for the samurai and Ghost playstyles. You’ll be able to customize armor colors if you want even more options by collecting flowers while exploring the island. Finally, Sucker Punch revealed a couple of elements you’ll probably love if you’re an old samurai movie/Akira Kurosawa fan. The game comes with a grainy black-and-white samurai cinema mode and a Japanese language option, which you can both switch on at the very beginning of the game.


Ghost of Tsushima

Ghost of Tsushima

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