Ghost of Tsushima Releases New Cinematic Trailer

Ghost of Tsushima

In a few weeks, PlayStation 4 owners will have a chance to see Ghost of Tsushima, the latest from developer Sucker Punch Productions. With the game’s release date fast approaching…

Sony released a new cinematic teaser to generate enthusiasm for the upcoming title. For those hoping to avoid spoilers, the trailer reveals little new information, but also sets the core concept for the game. It also shows some of the magnificent surroundings that players will visit when samurai Jin Sakai tries to protect Tsushima Island from invading Mongol forces. The trailer can be seen above, or in the tweet below.

The Tsushima ghost takes place during the 13th century. As the Mongol army marches towards the Japanese mainland, the island of Tsushima is all that stands in its way. The invaders destroy the Jin clan, so the samurai must learn the way of the ghost to save the rest of the inhabitants of the island. As such, Jin’s attacks will focus more on stealth-based play and eliminating smaller groups of enemies.

While the trailer doesn’t show any new gameplay, it does show how Jin treats enemies differently than the traditional samurai. Instead of facing the Mongol invaders head-on, Jin waits for the right opportunity, attacking from the shadows. It’s a pretty effective trailer, which says a lot about the game mechanics without revealing too much.

It will be interesting to see if Ghost of Tsushima can fulfill its premise! With the fall launch of PlayStation 5 just around the corner, the title could become a strong swan song for the platform. Sucker Punch Productions has previously worked on the infamous and Sly Cooper franchises for Sony, and those games have proven to be critical and commercially successful. Fortunately, fans won’t have to wait much longer to find out, as Ghost of Tsushima will launch exclusively on PlayStation 4 on July 17.

Source : comicbook 

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