Genshin Impact Hypostatic Symphony Event Coming This Week

Genshin Impact Hypostatic Symphony Event Coming This Week

Genshin Impact Hypostatic, Genshin Impact’s latest event, the Hypostatic Symphony, will allow players to win Primogems on their first clear from Saturday, January 16 to January 31. Regarding eligibility, players will have to be Adventure Rank 20 or above to participate in the event. Once the event starts, a new challenge will be unlocked for the event each day until the seventh day (January 22), at which time all of the challenges have been unlocked.

Before starting the challenges, players will be able to choose from several difficulty levels and Variations that have different battle effects. The number of points that players will receive from clearing the challenge will depend on what variation and difficulty level they have chosen. Genshin Impact Hypostatic, Still, players don’t have to fight alone as the event can be completed either alone or in co-op.

During the event, players can try to set a high score in the same stage by completing it multiple times. The player’s total score will be the sum of their collective high score on all of the challenge stages. When a player’s total score reaches a certain amount, they can claim “corresponding rewards”.

In order to claim their rewards, players will have to do so during the event, as after the event the points they’ve collected will disappear. So be sure to do so by January 31st.

If you have somehow missed out on the F2P Genshin Impact and would like to check it out, be sure to go on the official website and download it there. For all your guides, news, and relevant info on Genshin Impact, stay tuned to TechRaptor.

What do you think of this news? Are you still playing Genshin Impact? Are you looking forward to participating in this event? Let us know in the comments!

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