First Five Dragon Age Comics Bundle Available For Pre-Order

First Five Dragon Age Comics Bundle Available For Pre-Order

First Five Dragon Age, Dragon Age is an exceptional BioWare RPG experience that goes beyond just gaming. From an animated movie starring younger Cassandra Pentaghast to comics and movies that amazingly bridge the gaps between our times in Thedas, the Dragon Age traditions are truly broad. If you haven’t checked out the comics, I highly recommend you to change that and now BioWare offers an easy way to do that by offering a bundled deal with the first five comic series from the franchise.

The pack includes 22 issues in total, including Dragon Age: The Silent Grove, Those Who Talk To We Sleep, Magekiller, and the Knight Errant. First Five Dragon Age. It doesn’t include the latest Fenris Championship Series with the Blue Wraith, but this package offers a great way for fans to dive into a much deeper story that goes beyond becoming Warden, Champion, and the Inquisitor.

Personally, I cannot recommend the comics and books enough. The novels in particular add an additional layer of nuance to the games themselves, particularly with regard to investigation with characters such as Cole, Reese, Fiona, and Empress Celine.

However, comedy also offers a similar broad experience, with The Silent Grove and those who talk and even sleep in private bring a new tale of Alistair, Varrick, and Isabel the two crowned as they embark on the adventure of a lifetime to uncover a mysterious secret about his father and Morrigan’s brothers and see Tifenter in a whole new way. This comedy also introduced one of my favorite characters in the series: Maeveris Tilani, Varric’s cousin, and a close friend of Dorian (The Inquisition).

Mage Killer and Knight Errant offer a different experience focusing more on Tevinter while also featuring engraving from Chargers and Dorian himself, as well as new heroes to fall in love with that continues Knight Errant and the Blue Wraith.

With the recently confirmed new series bringing Fenris back into the spotlight, this honestly is a great thing to take advantage of for those who want to read Dragon Age comics but don’t know where to start.

While the BioWare Store listing is currently selling for $ 30, other retailers like Target and Amazon still have pre-orders available. You can also do what I did and contact your local storyboard and ask if they have any pre-order or special orders.

Source:  gameinformer

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