Fire Emblem Shadow Dragon and the Blade of Light

Fire Emblem Shadow Dragon and the Blade of Light

Fire Emblem Shadow, Sometimes the way Nintendo thinks isn’t confusing. Take the NES re-release, for example. As you probably know, Nintendo has a Switch platform packed with SNES, Famicom, and NES games. A handful is added periodically to online subscribers, including only addresses in Japan. So where did Nintendo put the new translated version of the first-ever Fire logo? Why the online store of course. Yours for a little over five years, and it’s only available for a limited time!

Grumbling aside, I’m glad this entry has seen a re-release. It’s really good, and not just from a “good for its time” perspective. 8-bit addresses are a true mixed bag. Per Super Mario Bros. Or Twin Bee, there’s an Urban Champion or Wally Bear. Thankfully, Fire Emblem is one of the best characters in Famicom.

For starters, Fire Emblem is a deep strategy line and includes. You can take control of units across the battlefield in an attempt to reach a castle, where your player will defeat the enemy inside and claim ownership. The fire emblem, though, has a major twist. Once someone in your party dies they die forever, so you have to be careful about throwing your troops into battle without support.

This classic formula is still used today, not only in modern Fire Emblem games but also in indie efforts like WarGroove. Fire Emblem Shadow, The only things missing from this original title are elements of the story and romance.

Shadow Dragon and Blade of Light – To use the unwieldy subtitle – go straight to the core of what makes strategy games fun. All the elements are here, from settlement to the use of various weapons. It feels full feature but never overwhelms. We were left wondering why Nintendo isn’t translating anytime soon.

It comes highly recommended. It’s tense due to the permanent death your friends can bear, as well as being surprisingly fun. Battles move at just the right pace, and the finishing touches from Nintendo, including accelerating enemy rotations, rolling, and creating fast save points, are all welcome and worthwhile.

Minor bugs. The “triangle” system of weapons takes time to learn, and sometimes its roots appear a little, but it is often as old as fine wine. It’s annoying when many of the modern games are daunting and slow – the time it takes for modern games to load and finish great intro sequences, the battle here is going to be in full swing.

If you like strategy games and want something light and fast, this comes highly recommended. We just hope Nintendo was more philanthropic and made it available on NES Online.

Source: gamesasylum 

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