Fire Emblem Heroes New Years Event Banner Revealed

Fire Emblem Heroes New Years Event Banner Revealed

Fire Emblem Heroes, Since its release in 2017, Fire Emblem has been one of Nintendo’s most successful mobile games, allowing players to play as their favorite Fire Emblem characters throughout the franchise’s 30-year history. Now, Nintendo has revealed the next batch of special unit players.

In a new trailer released by Nintendo, the studio featured some new elements added to the new banner, Fire including an overview of some of the character’s skills and more. The latest banner will run from January 1, 2021, through February 2, 2021, and Nintendo has confirmed that players will also be able to play a new chapter called Beyond Dreaming. The developer has revealed more details about what’s coming to Fire in a new trailer.

which showcases new generic variants of the following characters:

Plumeria: The Temptation Again
Florida: Wolf pup has been renewed
Caden: Kitsune Update
Peony (+ Triandra): Alfar Dream Duo

Meanwhile, Fire Emblem Heroes recently launched their next chapter, called Book 5, earlier this month. According to Nintendo, Book 5 is one of the game’s largest content expansions, and players should expect several additions that will add variety to the gameplay. Book 5 is also a departure from the typical Fire Emblem sword and sorcery, as it takes players into the steampunk-inspired Nidavellir world. In this new world, magic and science have been combined to create high-tech weapons such as the horse-like battle mechanism known as the Gullinbursti.

Aside from the fifth book, Fire Emblem Heroes released a Christmas-themed banner on December 17th titled “A Festive Miracle.” In this latest content update, Fire Emblem Heroes allowed players to see some of their favorite characters, like Felix, Bernadetta, Hilda and more, to showcase their holiday spirit.

Fire Emblem Heroes can be played for free on mobile.

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