Final Killcams Set to Return in Black Ops Cold War Search and Destroy

Final Killcams Set to Return in Black Ops Cold War Search and Destroy

Final Killcams, Treyarch developer confirmed Thursday that the final kill cameras will be back in Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War soon. A speed change originally made by Treyarch back in Black Ops 4, the Best Play system bypassed the traditional Final Kill killing cameras, sparking some outrage from those who favored the latter.

While Infinity Ward had no problems with fan-favorite final kill cameras, Final Killcams, as demonstrated recently in Modern Warfare, Treyarch appears to be ready to return to their stance – at least halfway through.

On December 31, Treyarch lead designer Matt Scronce took to Twitter to hear criticism from a Call of Duty fan. TheMW2Ghost tweeted: “Treyarch has legitimately wiped out the skies by taking Final Killcam out of Search & Destroy and replacing it with the best game.” “It’s not theatrical. For this situation, please add Final Killcam again.”

Scronce soon obliged, MW2 reassured O.G. That Treyarch has a hybrid system in operation.

While the best plays will still stand, the Final Kill can also be featured in Search and Destroy matches depending on what round ends. Unfortunately, there is no timeline on when this system will be implemented in the game once the developers return from vacation.

While Best Play’s system works well in other titles, often in Call of Duty, it leaves much to be desired with the choice of algorithm to kill more disappointing than the obvious ones.

Search and Destroy is the perfect stage for players to get flashy gameplay or critical 1-v-1 play of the game, it makes sense that Treyarch would place it in the opposite direction a bit.

To learn more about Black Ops Cold War, feel free to check out our weapon category lists of the best assault rifles and SMGs to use in multiplayer during Season 1.

Source: dbltap

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