Final Fantasy 14 Producer Says Phil Spencer Changed Regulations

Final Fantasy 14 Producer Says Phil Spencer Changed Regulations

Final Fantasy 14 Producer

There aren’t many stories out there quite like Final Fantasy 14 Producer. Not only did it come back from a disastrous launch, it also remains one of the very few viable and continuously ongoing MMORPGs in a time when the genre has largely past. The game continues to truck on for both PC and PS4. There’s been talks of the game finally making its way to Xbox systems, too, and while he don’t have any ETA on when to expect it, the game’s longtime Producer has opened up about how it came to be.

Talking to Game Watch, Naoki Yoshida talked about having long chats with Phil Spencer about the game, even saying that Spencer is so keen on the idea he changed some regulations around for the game to come to the Xbox ecosystem.

Naoki Yoshida:

“We did keep in touch. I’ve been talking a lot with Phil san for about three years and a half. Phil san visits Square Enix around every six months, and we mail each other too. Back when we first talked, Xbox’s Cross-Platform policy was still very restricted. “Enclosing the users” was still the base policy. But we both shared the idea that “Consoles are just a mean to an end, the most important is how the community grows and what the community wants”. This was the trigger for our extensive dialogue.

Since then, we’re chatting regularly. Phil san also changed various regulations at Xbox to make FFXIV a reality, to help us and make our job easier. So when Phil san told you we’re in touch and how they’re always ready to welcome us, it’s true. Right now, FFXIV uses Direct X 11 as its base, so even if we keep developing on PC, we’ll have to do Direct X 12 support at some point. He told me he’ll help out and support us for that too. If we have some new developments soon, we’ll be sure to tell you all. “

Final Fantasy 14 is available now on PlayStation 4 and PC. As of now, there’s no official time frame for when the game will come to either Xbox One or even the Xbox Series X, but you can check out the game’s latest patch, which brings its second NeiR-related crossover.

Source : gamingbolt , dualshockers 

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