Fighting EX Layer Patched to Rollback Netcode in Latest Update

Fighting EX Layer Patched to Rollback Netcode in Latest Update

Fighting EX

During the Japan Fighting Game Publishers Roundtable on July 31, 2020, Arika revealed a new patch for Fighting EX Layer that updates the game with rollback netcode. Rollback netcode was first tested out via a special limited-time beta on PC, but has now been officially added to the game.

Apart from rollback netcode, Ichiro Mihara from Arika also discussed several other features that the company is currently considering. First, it plans to add a match agreement function for ranked matches sometime before the end of August. It is also thinking about adding a Wi-Fi indicator to show the signal quality. However, whether the company goes through with the latter function for Fighting EX Layer will depend on how Tekken 7‘s Wi-Fi indicator is received.

The team is also testing crossplay, but it isn’t known whether it’ll actually be implemented or when. Fighting EX Layer is currently available for PS4 and PC.

If you’re unfamiliar with the game, you can check out an official description:

“That” EX Series Is Back!
After a long while, the EX Series loved by Fighting Game fans around the world has finally returned!

The Characters Are Reborn With Beautiful New Graphics
Kairi, Skullomania, Blaire, Pullum and the rest; in total 15 classic characters have been recreated with beautiful new models. Watch as the EX series is reborn and the battle unfolds with the latest graphics!

The New “Gougi System” Plays A Huge Role In Battle
By fulfilling certain requirement mid-battle, your character is given amazing new abilities- that’s “Gougi”!5 Gougi make up 1 Set which is called a “Gougi Deck”. There are 15 different Gougi Decks ready for you to try.

Experiment with the different characters and Gougi Decks, and find the combination that matches your own style!

Two Unique Input Styles
The game features two different input styles; “Progressive” which is a simple style that doesn’t require any complicated command inputs, and “Classic” which keeps the inputs that same as classic Fighting Games.

Various Modes to Enjoy
Of course there is Online and Offline Versus modes, but there are also Arcade Mode and Training Mode for you to enjoy single player content.And then the legendary Expert Mode from the EX Series makes its return; try to clear it with every character!”

Fighting EX Layer is available on PlayStation 4 and PC. Fighting EX Layer Alpha is available to check out for free on Android and iOS. The last character to be added to the game was Area.

Source : twinfinite , siliconera

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