Fallout 76 Event Disabled After Players Discover Major Bug

Fallout 76

A bug in Fallout 76 has made a recent event in the game difficult to digest. The Fasnacht Parade event originally started in 2019, and was scheduled to return this week…

But soon after it went online, players discovered that a bug introduced weeks ago had caused a gut shortage that made the event nearly impossible to complete.

Fasnacht Parade has you escort a selection of masked robots for a parade, but first, you must complete a series of tasks for them. One of those tasks is to collect intestines from small animals. But, as Kotaku points out, small animals haven’t played properly in Fallout 76 for weeks.

However, Bethesda moved quickly on this issue and provided the fan base with an answer on what is happening with the Fasnacht Parade. Fortunately, the study identified the problem that prevented animals from reproducing properly, applied a solution, and is currently testing it. Bethesda has also extended the duration of Fasnacht until Tuesday, June 9, giving fans two weeks to participate. and earn special rewards. In addition, starting next week, free packs will also appear in the Atom Store for players to claim, though details on what they will be will come later.

Fallout 76

In a Reddit follow-up, Bethesda says that players reported this issue during PTS testing, but the study was unable to reproduce it, and therefore did not expect it to be a problem on live servers.

As an add-on, the event will run through June 9, and players will receive a free item pack in the in-game store on June 2.

By most accounts, Bethesda’s version of multiplayer gaming is substantially better than it was at launch, but Fallout 76 seems to continue to frustrate its regular players, though, to be fair, few online games manage to fail.

Source : Gamerant , Pcgamesn 

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