Everspace 2 Gets A Gameplay Trailer, Early Access In December

Everspace 2 Gets A Gameplay Trailer, Early Access In December

Everspace 2, Everspace 2 combines space-travel, shooting, exploration, loot, and even RPG elements in a single-player mix. Take out opponents, get rich mining and trading, and dodge dangerous outlaws. Upgrade your ships up from baby fighters to capital warships.

The Kickstarter-fueled Everspace 2 has been on the radar for a while, and with Steam Early Access on the schedule for later this year in December, Rockfish games has pushed out a gameplay trailer featuring some extensive footage across many scenarios.

Check it out below!

A new trailer for space shooter Everspace 2 is out, announcing a date for its Early Access release: December 2020. The first was a space-combat roguelike, but the sequel is a full-on open world looter shooter that developers Rockfish Games called “the kind of space game we’ve always wanted to make, but never had the money for.” The release of was scheduled for this month, but was delayed earlier this year due to complications surrounding the coronavirus pandemic. There’s currently a free demo on Steam, if you’re so inclined.

The new trailer sweeps across sprawling sci-fi environments, from the orbit of exploding planets and asteroid fields to swathes of ship wreckage, and there are other neat environments too, in planetary atmospheres: Floating cities, colossal storms, and dusty mining colonies. There are first- and third-person sequences, as ships weave in and out of obstacles while dogfighting with each other. There’s also some catchy breakbeat music in the background.

You can check out more about Everspace 2 on its website or on the Steam page. Everspace is scheduled to release in Early Access in December 2020. We’ve got a lot more going on with Everspace 2 in the PC Gamer forums, like an AMA with the developers and a giveaway for an Alienware PC package. So go enter to win a PC, at the very least.

Source : gameinformer , pcgamer

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