Escape from Tarkov banned 3,000 players After the last wipe

Escape from Tarkov

The latest major patch for Escape from Tarkov landed this week along with a global character wipe that brought all players back to the start…

Of course, that meant it was the best time for fraudsters looking to get an early advantage. Battlestate Games banned 3,000 fraudsters on the first day after the latest patch was released.

Escape from Tarkov uses BattlEye as an anti-cheat solution, the same system used in Arma 3, Rainbow Six Siege, PUBG and many other online games. According to BattleState Games, the BattlEye dragnet caught and banned 3,000 fraudsters on May 29. Although this is not a large number, Battlestate Games seems to want to focus on cheating in general.

To this end, the company will now publish the results of the large wave of bans. Both the number of fraudsters caught in the first wave after being deleted and the fact that BattleState will publish the numbers were tweeted on Friday by the Russian studio’s official Twitter account.

Escape from Tarkov experienced a surge in popularity in late 2019, thanks in part to a campaign with Twitch that allowed players to earn loot in-game by watching broadcasts of Escape from Tarkov. Survival shooting game, or “zone game” as I’ve argued above, remains a fixture on Twitch and the mainstay of several popular streamers.

The recent global character removal is the unofficial start of a new Tarkov “season”, and players will have to progress again through the game’s missions and progression systems.

Source : Pcgamesn 

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