Earth Defense Force World Brothers Trailer Highlights Abilities

Earth Defense Force World Brothers Trailer Highlights Abilities

Earth Defense Force, D3 Publisher has shared a new trailer for Earth Defense World Brothers, highlighting various abilities and special attacks. Check out our Earth Defense World Brothers presentation “Introductions to Abilities and Specials” below:

Earth Defense Force: World Brothers is a detached EDF game set in a 3D voxel universe. Everything is made of square cut. Even the ground is square, not round. However, it still plays like EDF when it comes to gameplay, but it does come with some superb action, The video demonstrates various capabilities and special elements, ranging from the ability to roll “emergency maneuver” from the 1st Infantry Unit of the Earth Defense Force.

By filling in the SP counter, you can activate special attacks. You can find the SP scale at the bottom right of the screen, the symbol with the percentage. When it reaches 100%, it lights up and allows you to activate a special attack by pressing R3. Special attacks come with break-ins for each character. The first to appear in the trailer is a grenade attack from an EDF infantry unit that causes tens of thousands of damage to the giant ants.

The trailer features more abilities and specials, including moves from EDF2, EDF3P’s Pale Wing, EDF 2025’s Air Raider, and EDF4’s Ranger and Fencer.

Earth Defense Force: World Brothers will deploy to Japan for PlayStation 4 and Nintendo Switch on December 24, 2020. The game will release in the West in 2021.

Source : siliconera

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