Dragon Age 4 Magic Archer Concept Art Looks Well Cool

Dragon Age 4 Magic Archer Concept Art Looks Well Cool

Dragon Age 4 Magic, On Friday, Dragon Age 4 executive producer Christian Dailey shared a cool new piece of concept art in BioWare’s upcoming RPG. It is a beautiful piece that shows an archer standing among some autumn ruins.

Concept art is everything we’ve seen in the game so far – well, that, and a short teaser at last year’s Game Awards. But even so, it got my mind racing with a lot of Dragon Age ideas, and I think we could spot a possible location and character class from it.

This character is very similar to the one featured in the aforementioned joke (and it could be the same person). It didn’t cross my mind while watching that trailer, but if this is a player character design, it indicates the possibility of a magical specialty for the impostors, Dragon Age 4 Magic, or even a specialty in archery for witches. That would be cool. In Dragon Age: Origins, you can unlock the Arcane Warrior Specialization for Mages that allows you to equip them with bows. Unfortunately, they couldn’t earn any shooting privileges, so it didn’t work well.

Going into the speculation gap, if the character in this is indeed a mysterious warrior of sorts, Dragon Age 4 , that means we might meet some ancient elves in Dragon Age 4 (the ancient elves were the original warriors). We actually met some of these at the Inquisition, during the Trespasser DLC (and it so happens that this concept character wears a similar armor as well).

Moreover, the wallpaper for this art looks like a site outside Trespasser too. The floating rocks and buildings directly on the sides are reminiscent of the crossroads – a dimension between Fade (where all souls live) and the real world that the Inquisitor reaches through the Eluvians (magic mirrors).

Of course, this is all speculation from one meager (but gorgeous) piece of art. Fun to think about! I loved exploring the crossroads of the Inquisition, and it would be great to see more of them in the future. Oh man, I can’t wait for more Dragon Age.

Judging from all the tantalizing glimpses BioWare has shown us about the upcoming Dragon Age so far, I also think the game might be present on Tevinter. There may still be a long way to go.

Source: rockpapershotgun 

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