Dragon Age 4 BioWare Are Still Making Developing The Game

Dragon Age 4 BioWare Are Still Making Developing The Game

Dragon Age 4

BioWare have been quietly working on Dragon Age 4 for some time, but neither BioWare nor EA have said much about the game. And while it will probably still be a while before we hear anything concrete about it, recently, executive producer Mark Darrah took to Twitter to share some brief new details.

I feel like we’re all sitting in front of a two-way mirror, hovering hands over the glass, craving a peek at what’s behind. BioWare are sat on the other side, watching. “Send the tweet,” they say, as we scramble over to a table to attempt to link yet another clue in a sprawling mass of red thread.


But all joking aside, working from home can be really hard. While it’s nice to hear the game’s development is trucking on, I hope the devs are keeping safe and sane. Dragon Age fans can stay sated on mere screenshots and teaser trailers for years, we can absolutely wait a little longer for more detailed info.

A little later he tweeted “I honestly don’t understand the pickup of this. Am I magic?” in response to his own announcement, seemingly surprised at its newsworthiness and the many comments and likes it received. Dragon Age fans have been waiting for a new game pretty much five minutes since Dragon Age: Inquisition released all the way back in 2014, so I’m not surprised. Slow and steady progress on anything is all we can ask for this year, so it’s nice to know the game not only exists but is actively being worked on. Since this small update, Darrah has gone back to retweeting very good Dragon Age fan art.

Dragon Age 4 was first officially unveiled at The Game Awards in December 2018, but updates on the game have been scant since then. Reports in early 2019 unveiled possible new details on the game’s development, including scrapped ideas during production, possible plans for multiplayer, and the game being built on Anthem’s codebase. Towards the end of 2019, EA said that Dragon Age 4 would probably be releasing after fiscal year 2021-22.

Source : Pcgamer , gamingbolt 

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