DOOM Eternal Switch Port Has “Made Great Progress”

DOOM Eternal Switch Port Has “Made Great Progress”

Id Software’s Eternal DOOM has seen some lows after launch

particularly with the inclusion of Denuvo Anti-Cheat. But otherwise, it has been easy to navigate for the shooter who sold three million digital units in March to the United States. However, one question remains: what happened to the port for Nintendo Switch, which is currently handled by Panic Button?

When DOOM Eternal received its first major delay, the Switch version was the only one that was delayed “indefinitely.” What is the current status of the project? Speaking to Gamereactor at GameLab 2020, producers Marty Stratton and Hugo Martin said, “We will be talking about the release date very soon. We haven’t announced it yet, I can’t do it now. It really has made great progress.”

Stratton noted that the port “will be as good as DOOM (2016) was, and I’m very excited that people get it.” Unlike the game’s original port, which “felt a bit like an experiment,” DOOM Eternal on Switch will be more comparable to other platforms. “We are not really diluting it at all. People can expect the full experience.”

Stratton previously said the port would not see a “huge” delay, so one must wonder if it could launch in August. The timing is not so bad with Gamescom 2020 taking place digitally in the same month. It will also be ahead of the big releases that start coming out in September. Stay tuned for more details in the meantime.

Source : gamingbolt

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