Donkey Kong Country joins Nintendo Switch Online

Donkey Kong Country joins Nintendo Switch Online

SNES classic Donkey Kong Country arrives on Nintendo Switch

Donkey Kong Nintendo today revealed the forthcoming lineup of games that will soon be headed to the publisher’s Nintendo Switch Online service for July…

and this time around, the slate is headlined by an all-time classic. Rare’s platformer is a highlight of the SNES era, with ahead-of-its-time visuals and gameplay that still stands up today. Its success helped propel Donkey Kong into a cultural icon, and has been ported endlessly since.

It’s joined by fellow SNES title Natsume Championship Wrestling and NES game The Immortal. Joining DKC next week is that of Natsume Championship Wrestling, which is the second SNES title for July. The game originally released back in 1994, and as the title suggests, is a wrestling game that allows you to play as one of 12 different characters.

Lastly, the NES offering for July is that of The Immortal. Released in 1990, The Immortal places you in control of a wizard who must navigate a dangerous dungeon in order to find a lost companion of his.

All in all, it’s not a bad month for Nintendo Switch Online subscribers. The addition of Donkey Kong Country will surely make many happy, even though it has readily been available on other platforms over the years. Still, you won’t find me complaining that I can now revisit it on the Switch as well.

Source : Eurogamerdualshockers 

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