Direct object examples, Our personal histories are often full of nostalgia

Direct object examples, Our personal histories are often full of nostalgia

Direct object examples, Our personal histories are often full of nostalgia. Happy memories of times long gone. People we used to know, places we used to live.

In small ways, those things guide our future. They subconsciously affect our decision making and cause us to do things and be the type of person that we are.

But what happens when our past is full of negative and painful memories? What do we do with that?

Life hurts. Anyone that has ever lived can tell you that. Your past will never be perfect and your pain will always be real. But that doesn’t mean it needs to control you. Use it as a launch pad.

Leaving the pain behind

Our past can be so heavy. It is like gravity, holding you down, keeping you from living the life you want. But what if you used it to push you forward.

In physics, when an object moves away from another direct object examples it requires a reaction. This principle is key to leaving the safety of our planet. In order to launch, a rocket requires a build-up of gas between itself and the launch pad.

When the rocket engines ignite, the gas builds up between the rocket and the launch pad, causing it to move away at an increasingly higher speed. This is how we move away from where we began.

Our life experiences are the momentum causing gases between where we started and where we are going.

All of your experiences are building up and preparing you to launch away from where you started. The good times and the bad. Your trauma and your pain are now the fuel to remove you from that place.

Facing your fears

This may be the hardest part, it means you have to face your past. Direct object examples, I’m not telling you to relive your past, that is sometimes too painful, but you can acknowledge it. Ignoring your past only serves to ground you to it. But when we chose to see where we come from we can move away from it.

Your past is something you can leave behind, but it is still behind you. No matter what, it is still the thing that you are moving away from.

It will never fully go away. But, that’s okay. The more steps you take in a new direction the farther you move from your past. And just as humanity casts itself into the darkness of space, we can use our past to reach new heights and launch toward the unknown with hope.

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