Digimon Survive Gets Conflicting Reports on its Release Date

Digimon Survive Gets Conflicting Reports on its Release Date

Digimon Survive

It seems that Digimon Survive can’t settle on an official release date, thanks to conflicting information from two official sources. There’s been plenty of back and forth concerning the release of Digimon Survive. According to an official statement from a Bandai Namco representative, they stated that the previously reported on “switch from 2020 to TBA is a typo on Famitsu’s side” and that the game is still slated for a 2020 release.

This is also backed up by the official Toei Animation schedule released by a Chinese game site,

which reinforces the release date:

Ogremon was one of the classic villains in the first arc of the original Digimon Adventure series, but throughout the course of the series we saw a different side of Devimon right hand monster. Although he seemed driven only by dark desires at first, he soon revealed an honorable rivalry with Lemon. This honorable side is brought back in the reboot series as Ogremon sacrificed himself for the DigiDestined in Episode 9 of the series.

When the Ultimate level Digimon, DarkTyrannomon, attacks Ogremon carves out a path of escape for the children. This is all before Ogremon then turns to the Ultimate level threat and charges up his special move to its max level. Then jumping at DarkTyrannomon, he and the new villain are covered in a blinding explosion that completely erases Ogremon from the digital world.

During Drama Parts, the game becomes a text adventure. Search Actions allows players to search for a means to survive. In contrast, Free Action gives the gamer freedom to travel and explore, choosing who to interact with during a limited time frame. Finally, in Free Battle, fans can enter areas to train their Digimon and collect items.

Digimon Survive will release on Nintendo Switch, PC, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One.

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